Monday, August 3, 2015

How I Got Sidetracked by a Sharpie Marker

(.....and is it really wasting time if you're creating something?)

It's easy to fiddle away a lot of time on social media and other internet temptations, right?
Being aware of that, I try to check my e-mail in the morning and maybe spend a few minutes
checking FaceBook.  (Hah!  An hour lost without even trying!)

One morning recently, I was determined to get into creating art (that's a very wide open field for me), and my mind was on painting on silk.  To get myself "primed" for this session, I decided to check out a couple of tutorials on YouTube, especially with regard to the *shibori technique, as I am soooo out of practice.

I came across a crafty person using "Sharpie" markers and alcohol on silk scarves.
"Okay, I'll bite", I thought.  Two hours later, and I have yet another obsession! This was fun!
This was easy!  This looks like "Shibori" !

And, I never left the comfort of my office/sofa for the studio to do it, a great perk when I'm in
"couch potato" mode!
I adapted what I saw on the video to my own supplies and techniques, and I LOVED the instant gratification of this simple process.

Here are some sections of the 2 scarves I worked on.  With just a little more added detail, heat setting to fix the "paint", and they're ready for market.!  How cool is that?

*Shibori:  Japanese term which means to wring, press, or squeeze.  It also encompasses shaping,
folding, clamping, binding, wrapping, pleating, stitching or otherwise manipulating the fabric
prior to applying color to achieve intricate patterns.

I welcome your comments.  Until next time, live creatively!