Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How I spent January 29th in NYC

Well, I had forgotten that I had lots to share with you from the day I spent recently at the NY International Gift Fair.  But I just came across my notes, so here goes:

The bus departs for NYC at 7:45 AM.  A little early for me, but it's stress-free.  (Never drive into the city on a weekday morning- not fun!)  

I arrive at the Port Authority terminal, and following my usual routine when I come here, I dash for the "au bon pain" bakery/cafe, because I MUST have a deliciously rich, gooey and calorie-loaded croissant as my mid-morning snack.  The only issue on this day is, do I want the chocolate or the almond???

My decision? Get both.  (Not at all sensible, I know, but I only get the opportunity twice a year, so I'm saving one for tomorrow.)

Making my way through the crowded streets, I arrive at the hotel where a shuttle bus awaits all those heading to the Jacob Javitz Center.  I take care of the appropriate "check-in", and make my way to the "preferred buyers lounge", a privilege earned upon attending the show for ten (10) straight years.

BTW, I used to spend three long, tiring days at this show, buying for my retail store(s).  Now my purpose is a little bit different; my business is now Interior Decorating, and this show is a great venue for discovering trends in the market.  You would be surprised at how a trend in color or style carries through from paper products, linens, and personal accessories, to picture frames, wall art, lighting,  even
stuffed animals and toys.

So what did I find?  Hot pink and turquoise, cute or sophisticated, textures like rustic wood or stone?

Collage or graffiti or Impressionism?

Find out in my next post!

Friday, February 15, 2013

As the year is already flying by, I am way past due for posting.
Just a quick update:  Although my Kickstarter project did not 
reach its intended goal, the T-Shirt business is up and running!
There are now over 80 designs in the collection, and new ones
are coming almost daily.  (So many ideas, so little time!)

If you like my art on t-shirts, please share with your friends.

More to follow, including new images and some stories
about this journey.