Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How I spent January 29th in NYC

Well, I had forgotten that I had lots to share with you from the day I spent recently at the NY International Gift Fair.  But I just came across my notes, so here goes:

The bus departs for NYC at 7:45 AM.  A little early for me, but it's stress-free.  (Never drive into the city on a weekday morning- not fun!)  

I arrive at the Port Authority terminal, and following my usual routine when I come here, I dash for the "au bon pain" bakery/cafe, because I MUST have a deliciously rich, gooey and calorie-loaded croissant as my mid-morning snack.  The only issue on this day is, do I want the chocolate or the almond???

My decision? Get both.  (Not at all sensible, I know, but I only get the opportunity twice a year, so I'm saving one for tomorrow.)

Making my way through the crowded streets, I arrive at the hotel where a shuttle bus awaits all those heading to the Jacob Javitz Center.  I take care of the appropriate "check-in", and make my way to the "preferred buyers lounge", a privilege earned upon attending the show for ten (10) straight years.

BTW, I used to spend three long, tiring days at this show, buying for my retail store(s).  Now my purpose is a little bit different; my business is now Interior Decorating, and this show is a great venue for discovering trends in the market.  You would be surprised at how a trend in color or style carries through from paper products, linens, and personal accessories, to picture frames, wall art, lighting,  even
stuffed animals and toys.

So what did I find?  Hot pink and turquoise, cute or sophisticated, textures like rustic wood or stone?

Collage or graffiti or Impressionism?

Find out in my next post!

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