Monday, March 18, 2013

Trends and Thoughts at the NY International Gift Show

This will be my final entry (about time, right?) about my shopping experience at the show.
As I wrap up my  walk through the "Handmade" section, I must say I am on sensory overload

But here are my impressions of what I noticed:  Clothing in beautifully dyed cottons; embroidered,
bedazzled...The fabulous and unexpected pairings of color and patterns....beaded,fringed, trimmed....

I am in love with this "bohemian" look! ( Uh-Oh, my "inner hippie" is starting to show!) Handbags, Hats and other accessories are  abundant here.  So much fun!

Moving on to the rest of the show- seems like miles and miles of booths, all with gorgeous displays of everything gift-related; including tableware, linens, decorative accessories, books, games, jewelry and art.

I saw silk flowers that look so real you have to touch them before you realize you've been fooled.
I especially love the "calla lilies"  (latex, I think).  A dozen or so thick, long stems with blooms in creamy white, deepening in the center to a pale green.

So elegant, so simple arranged in a glass bowl.
I never get tired of this look.

The section  with all the paper goods is chock full of amazing patterns and colors.  Greeting cards, gift wrap, bags, ribbons and tags are adorned with seasonal themes.  Spring and summer are featured, along with Fall and Christmas offerings.  It's really cool to see licensed art on some of these products by artists I am familiar with.

Here's where my personal interest as an artist/designer comes in:  It is my goal to do the same with my designs.  In fact, I have been putting together "collections" for the past few months, with the hope of getting the attention of manufacturers.  Just think, we see ART on everything from paper plates and napkins to fabrics and wall paper.  (and scrapbook paper, cards, gift wrap, vases, wall decor, the list is endless!)

Here are examples of art on products by Kelly Rae Roberts and Tara Reed.

Here are three (3) of my designs (chosen at random to give you a "sneak-peek") 

These discoveries are fun and inspiring, but the main reason I attend this show every year is to see new trends and to find good sources for my Interior Decorating Business.  (Designs by Meller).
You might be surprised to see how trends in style or color carry through from personal products and accessories, paper goods, wall art and lighting.

 What did I learn?  The classics are still strong, and the trend toward brighter, fresher colors (orange is big), along with earthy and organic colors prevails.  Grunge, Graffiti, Collage and more "simplistic" art continue to fascinate me, and are obviously very popular.  Vintage and Retro are still a strong presence.  

I was pleased to see more small or "Indie" companies, with the owner/designer present at their display. (As opposed to a team of "sales reps").

 I think the artist, even me, has a chance to be part of the gift market,  which is very exciting!

The plan is to show you more of my designs over the next few weeks, and, I promise, more photos, less rambling.

Until then, may you have a creative and fun week.


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