Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good Morning and HAPPY SPRING!  (yes, it's finally here, although today is starting off a bit chilly)

I am amused by my husband roaming around the yard looking for something he can do in the gardens until  the sun warms things up!     

I mentioned in my last post that I was preparing decorations for the upcoming  Annual Ladies Tea at my church this Saturday.  Here are some pics of my "fashion" displays that are nearly finished.

 I used painted watercolor papers,  along with some color cardstock.  Check out that pleated skirt.  It's made out of gift wrap!

Check out the "liquid beads" at the neckline

 These are about 36" tall and will be attached to dowels.
Then I will insert them into clay pots filled with floral foam and spanish moss.
I might add some silk ivy to finish them off.

I am hoping to have at least 5 of them for our table display.  Then we will add lots of fresh flowers in vases to finish off the the look.

(Did I mention that our theme  is "A Perfect Fit"?)

The hem is  scrapbook paper, "fancy cut" at the bottom.

Doesn't it look like real hydrangea petals?  Love it!

 For this one I cut my green painted paper into leaf shapes and glued them on individually.

The roses are stickers.

The little lavender "berries" on the bodice were hand stamped  (yes, I even made the stamp), and fancy cut and adhered.  

 Not a great photo (sorry) but I think this bodice is my favorite so far. It's also made of scrapbook paper, but I think the fancy cutting makes it look more like the real thing.  (Takes a lot of time, but worth it)       

    Time to get back to the studio.  Until then, live creatively!       

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