Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Get out of bed. Swallow prescribed pills. Raise window shades. Feed cat. Put on tea kettle.

Fix large mug of tea. Put on television for morning news and weather. Sip tea. Read daily devotional.

Sip tea. Check e-mails. Sip tea. Check Facebook. Sip tea..........EVERY SINGLE DAY.

“Comforting, Predictable, grounds me” I say.

“…..or grinds me into the ground????” I ask myself.

“I NEED this routine!”

I need to STOP this routine!”

The argument continues.....

“I need to SAVOR this routine!”

I need to UPSET this routine!”

So which is it? There is something about our daily routines that assure us in some way, that our lives are okay, that all is well, that there are things that we can always rely upon to be constant, when the other parts of our lives are not.

But do our routines sometimes keep us away from something that is.....refreshing..

                          ... inspiring.



 necessary to our personal growth and perspective on life?

How about you? Do you need to shake things up a bit in your daily habits? What things? Why?

Are some routines “sacred”? If so, why?

I would love to have your thoughts.

For me, I'm going to try some alternatives to the ho-hum start that is currently my routine.

In the next post I'll let you know my ideas for “shaking it up” that I'm going to try.

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