Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This is an original done with water soluble
oil pastels.

Original art "Posterized"

Good Morning all my Art Lovin' Blog Lovin' Friends! 

 I can see that this tour is going to be lots of fun.  Maybe I'll even learn more about how to use my blog  (Lots of tech-y stuff I still don't understand, but I'm trying!)

Thanks to Gail for your comment.
You asked about how I create my art.  In most instances I have scanned one of my original paintings/drawings and then altered it on a photo-editing site.  I then add the text digitally.

This is another process that I have been teaching myself for the last several months.I am starting to be aware (from what I've                read) that a lot of the features I employ on my FREE photo-editing sites are the same features used by Photoshop, so hopefully I am on the right track!

These pictures will give you an idea of the process (and all the possibilities!)

Original art changed to stripes


Texture layer added, then leaves and flourishes added


Heart added

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